This film aims to highlight the relationship between the youth and the older generation that many take for granted. The protagonist represents the youth who still have plenty of time to live their lives. The Grandmother however represents the silver generation – the backbone of our society. Amidst our daily routines which can become mundane and almost second-nature, we do not give the elderly a second thought. Many have no harmful intentions in acting in such a negligent way. Here we take a look at the other end of the age spectrum, the lives of our silver generation. To put it simply, their love and care for us is often not truly appreciated. We lack gratitude; when do we take a step back and think of the inevitable? We do not want to talk about it, neither do we dare imagine the outcomes when time takes its toll.

Ryan Siu Kar Yung and Jay Teo (20-O5)


Selected for 2020 SYF Art Exhibition

As technology becomes increasingly pervasive in today’s culture, aesthetics have evolved too. Applications developed for us to edit and filter our images, enhance and distort our identities to stand out. However, when relying on these, can we truly offer fresh portrayals of ourselves, or will we all stay the same?


Four self-portraits enhanced, warped and distorted by technological effects on loop, the team questioned how aesthetics and appearances are increasingly impacted by technology. With technology assisting and expediting an increased pursuit of uniqueness, it seems everyone still stays the same.

Lim Hsing Yi, Nicole (20-O1)
Ryan Siu Kar Yung (20-O5)
Stephanie Anne Min Long (20-O5)
Woo Hsu En, Xylia (20-U2)


A recipient of the Curator’s Commendation for 2020 SYF Art Exhibition


She’s the best actress I know. Head bent over a multitude of personas. These facades are those she’ll show to the world, never allowing anyone to see her behind the screen. She is the puppeteer, and the puppets are finding each other – their defiance is causing the system to fail. Who is she? Is she even real? How much of her will be left once she loses the world she created with technology?


Inspired by Bandersnatch and Wes Anderson, this quirky short film captured the team’s enthusiastic and dynamic spirit in their research and pursuit of how technology has infiltrated and impacted their lives. In following the protagonist playing a game, the team turned to film to expose the adventure, perils and choices our youth have to face in this modern world!

Chionh Ning (20-I1)
Loke Shi Ying Deon (20-O1)
Nicolette Wong Su-Ann (20-O5)
Germaine Chan (20-I1)